Unlearn the Crap About Personal
Success and Empowerment

Unlearn the Crap About Personal Success and Empowerment

Shattering the Illusions of What it Takes to Become the Real You


Kathy Baldwin is a life and empowerment coach dedicated to facilitating profound personal growth and transformation. As the founder of RiseUP Coaching, her mission is to guide clients to transcend inner obstacles and unlock their full potential. Kathy experienced her own major life transition that led her to discover her true calling in coaching. She firmly believes we all have untapped inner wisdom we can access to consciously design our desired lives. However, limiting beliefs, fears, and suppressed emotions often hold people back from making necessary changes.

Kathy created RiseUP Coaching to provide the insights, tools, and support individuals need to break through barriers and reclaim their power. She specializes in working with professionals aged 35-55 who are navigating difficult midlife transitions like divorce, death, empty nesting or having a midlife crisis. With compassion and intuition honed over decades of experience, Kathy helps clients re-evaluate priorities, rediscover passions and purpose, and boldly step into new chapters.

Having personally experienced the detrimental effects of conforming to societal norms, Kathy embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Through intensive learning and self-healing, she uncovered the power of shifting mindset and embracing the interconnectedness of our mind, body, and spirit. This knowledge became the foundation of her transformative coaching programs.

Kathy draws from a diverse background in quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics, and energy psychology to create her uniquely effective coaching programs. She has extensively studied how the mind and body are interconnected system on both a biological and energetic level. This scientific knowledge grounds her integrative methodologies.

A key element in Kathy’s approach is her mastery of Universal Laws and how to apply them for conscious creation. These unchanging truths that govern the universe, like the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration, hold the key to profound personal empowerment when properly understood. Kathy guides her clients to transcend limiting beliefs by tapping into these Universal Laws and recognizing their energetic connection to the world around them. She provides an intellectual framework to help demystify the change process.

With her scientific, whole-person approach, Kathy is committed to continually expanding her knowledge. She invests heavily in specialized coach training to remain on the cutting edge, ensuring her clients benefit from the most advanced methodologies available. This passion for lifelong learning allows her to facilitate lasting transformation.

With warmth and wisdom derived from her own experiences, Kathy wrote Unlearn the Crap in coordination with her coaching as well as inspiration. Kathy’ mission is to guide as many individuals as possible through meaningful personal transformation.

Unlearn the Crap About Personal Success and Empowerment

Shattering the Illusions of What it Takes to Become the Real You

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