Unlearn the Crap About Personal
Success and Empowerment

Unlearn the Crap About Personal Success and Empowerment

Shattering the Illusions of What it Takes to Become the Real You

At "Unlearn the Crap TV," our core philosophy is built on the foundation of creating a quadruple win—benefiting ourselves, our experts, our audience, and the world at large.

This is encapsulated in our guiding principles: the four R's—Right, Responsibility, Reward, and Revolution.

Unlearn the Crap TV Shows

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The Naked Truth:

Sex, Secrets and Self-Discovery

#8 June 13, 2024 Mark & Lynetta

Inner Gold:

Cultivating Wealth through Self Awareness

#7 June 6, 2024 Cheri Dixon & Diamond Drip

Soulful Success:

Redefining Your Life's Purpose

#6 May 30, 2024 Charel Morris & Kathy Baldwin

From Burnout to Balance:

Embracing Your Authentic Energy

#5 May 23, 2024 Mistral Dodson & Suzanne Dwyer

The Future of YOU:

AI, Independence & Inner Power

#4 May 16, 2024 Sterling Long & Nicole Marie

Sex, Energy and Health:

The Ultimate Connection

#3 May 9, 2024 Lisa VanSand & Alesah Richardson

Unity and Purpose:

Breaking Free from Societal Chains

#2 May 2, 2024 Charel Morris & Mark Entrekin

Unlearn and Thrive:

From Crap to Clarity

#1 April 25, 2024 Kathy Baldwin Introduction

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